CRYPTOSTRIKE bonus program

CryptoStrike cryptocurrency exchange service monitors the quality of the services provided, and invites you to share your experience with other Users.

Leaving a review, you can indicate the benefits of working with our service, suggestions for improving and developing individual tools. Now every review left will bring you bonuses.

There are two ways to get CryptoStrike bonuses:

  1. Leave an objective review on the specialized monitoring of the exchange services

Upon completion of the operation on our website, you need to follow the link that the system will offer in the corresponding information block on the page that opens.

When posting a review on the BestChange monitoring page, be sure to indicate your application number in the field with the appropriate name:

Write an objective review and click the submit button.

The specialists of the CryptoStrike service track all left reviews by the application number, and replenish the Users" balance by charging from 15 to 50 bonuses. Each CryptoStrike bonus is equal to 1 Russian ruble. You can use these bonuses in the future when making transactions, paying them up to 20% of the amount.

Each bonus write-off is noted in the User"s Personal Account, by entering which you can track their balance.

You can write off bonuses immediately or save them for a one-time use. CryptoStrike service invites Users to make a choice.

The number of bonuses awarded for a review on the BestChange website depends on the volume of the exchange made. The minimum threshold is 15 bonuses when exchanging up to RUB 1,500 inclusive, above RUB 1,500 bonuses are accrued in the amount of 1% of the exchange amount, but no more than 50 bonuses (bonuses are rounded down to an integer).

  1. The second way to receive bonuses on the balance in CryptoStrike is your feedback. To do this, it is necessary to assess the quality of service, the processing time of applications and the usability of the service by highlighting important points with asterisks.

When writing a review, you can:

  1. List suggestions for improving the service.
  2. Indicate any wishes regarding the functionality of the service.
  3. Write comments.

For this assistance, we charge a fixed number of bonuses equal to 5.

Attention! The bonus program of the CryptoStrike service serves as a way to reward Users for the assistance provided to improve the operation of the online platform, and not as a way to cheat reviews or a mechanism in any other interpretation. We do not oblige every visitor to comply with the conditions or actions specified in this section.

The CryptoStrike service reserves the right to cancel the bonus program, change its rules and / or the amount of bonuses accrued, revise it as you like and as many times as you like, without notifying each User personally.

Any manipulation of the bonus program or attempts to mislead the site administration is prohibited. The user may be blocked or bonuses may not be credited.

Happy exchanges!