Mining data center operator BitRiver may sue US Treasury over sanctions

BitRiver is a company from Russia that is a data center for mining coins. She was sanctioned and is now exploring the possibility of filing a lawsuit, as sanctions have been placed on all members of the company. The company is confident that this will reduce their reputation and affect the business. The accusations, however, are unfounded.

The company is not state-owned, it is exclusively private. She did not break the law and was not going to help the Russian Federation in circumventing the sanctions. The organization will provide all the necessary evidence.

Additionally, it was declared that all elements of the BitRiver structure are active, as before. The organization also continues to work with foreign users who themselves want to work with BitRiver.

Sanctions were imposed against the Russian Federation due to the situation in Ukraine. Putin has made statements that the West wants to weaken Russia, and the sanctions have seriously affected the country's economy.