1. General Provisions

1.1. This Agreement establishes a sequence for the provision of services related to the exchange of electronic money using the resources of the online service.

1.2. An online service means an online platform for exchanging virtual funds - CryptoStrike.org, hosted on the Internet.

1.3. User - a private or legal person who has expressed a desire to use the functions of the CryptoStrike online service.

1.4. The CryptoStrike User and Web Resource, when collectively referred to, will be referred to as “Parties”.

1.5. The parties agree that this Agreement, in electronic form, has the same legal force as a paper document governing all relations between the User (individual and legal entity) and a party providing services of a certain type (CryptoStrike).

1.6. Agreement is a public offer that the User completes by submitting an application on the CryptoStrike online service platform to receive the services provided by the CryptoStrike online service.

 2. Object of the Agreement

2.1. The online resource CryptoStrike provides the services specified in clause 4 of this Agreement, provided that the User observes all the conditions specified in clause 9 of this Agreement. The procedure for their provision is determined by the internal Regulations of the CryptoStrike online resource, written in clause 5.

2.2. The user receives the services of the online resource CryptoStrike and implements their payment in compliance with all the conditions specified in the Agreement.


3.Rights and obligations of the Parties

3.1. The CryptoStrike online service must:

3.1.1. Convert electronic money of such Internet payment systems as: Qiwi, Payeer, Perfect Money, Yandex.Money, other online services adhering to the standards listed in the Agreement.

3.1.2. Provide any technical and informational assistance to Users in the process of conducting transactions using the functions of the CryptoStrike online service.

3.1.3. Ensure the preservation of all information about the conducted exchange transactions (personal data of the Users, the dates and times of the exchange operations, their size, etc.) and issue it to the Users who carried out these exchanges. Information about virtual transfers in different directions, using the functionality of the payment system, has the “Confidential” status and is not subject to disclosure to third parties.

3.1.4. Do not provide information about the conducted conversions to third parties. An exception would be situations if:

  • a judicial organization located at the location of the CryptoStrike online service has made a formal decision, which is legally binding;
  • a request was received from official law enforcement organizations, financial tracking institutions performing work at the location of the CryptoStrike online service;
  • the administrations of the partners (Internet payment systems), registered earlier, applied.

3.1.5. Consider information about the data Discounts for Users.

3.1.6. Ensure the receipt of money to the account of the User or another entity within 24 hours from the date of receipt of the complaint in the circumstances described in clauses 3.2.5, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 of this Agreement.

3.2. The user is obliged:

3.2.1. Provide real information, details, so that transactions are carried out in a timely manner.

3.2.2. Show the exact details of your personal email address.

3.2.3. Provide the ability to send system alerts to email. Have access to the Internet using a laptop, computer, tablet or other technology. Use the latest antivirus products to establish a secure connection to the CryptoStrike online resource platform.

3.2.4. Adhere to all terms of the Agreement.

3.2.5. Notify the management of the CryptoStrike Internet resource about any cases when the transferred amounts were not transferred in whole or in part to the account of the User, a third party. Also report the cases that are listed in clauses 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 of this Agreement. The application must be sent to technical support within 30 or 31 days from the moment the situation arises when virtual funds must be credited to the account. If this condition is not met, the disputed amounts remain at the disposal of the CryptoStrike online service.

3.2.6. Be guided by legislative acts that govern the rules for conducting online transactions.

3.2.7. Do not use different Internet systems that allow you to make any traffic boost.

3.3. CryptoStrike online service has the right to:

3.3.1. Temporarily restrict work if the online service is being modernized or when errors are corrected in the site.

3.3.2. In the event of an appeal from official law enforcement organizations, the administrations of the payment systems listed above, or User claims for fraudulent activity, temporarily suspend any transactions until all the details are clarified.

3.3.3. Determine at your own discretion the percentage of the discount on transactions.

3.3.4. Set the size of the commission to be deducted for the operations performed.

3.3.5. Refuse a potential User to provide services without explaining their actions.

3.3.6. Accept information from the User confirming the exchange process using e-mail, cell phone, a screenshot of the payment made, in cases where the transaction was completed with an error.

3.3.7. Stop communicating with the User who is rude, asks questions that are not on the topic of discussion, does not give the necessary information to the technical support service.

3.3.8. Suspend the transaction based on clauses 5.4, 5.5, 5.6.

3.3.9. Block the execution of a transaction and not give funds to the User until his identity is identified.

3.3.10. If the User does not comply with the undertaken obligations prescribed in clause 3.2.7, the management may block the User who violated this clause, as well as the source of referrals for boosting traffic.

3.3.11. In case of unjustified enrichment by the User with virtual, monetary funds of the online service CryptoStrike or third-party services that exchange electronic money, the Administration of the CryptoStrike.org website reserves the right to block the execution of the application until the reasons and circumstances are clarified, as well as to reimburse the illegally acquired funds and confirm property the rights to them of the online service CryptoStrike or other exchangers.


4.Services provided

4.1. The online service CryptoStrike exchanges money for such payment systems as: Bitcoin, Qiwi, Payeer, Perfect Money, Yandex.Money and others using the banking organizations indicated on the website.

4.2. The online service CryptoStrike is not obliged to check the legality of the User"s possession of the funds that are used in the process of transactions.


5.Regulations for the exchange of electronic means

5.1. The exchange begins from the moment the funds to be exchanged are credited from the User. If the money is not received within 20 minutes from the moment the application was created, it is automatically erased by the security service of the CryptoStrike.org exchange site. If the receipt of funds for a completed order occurs beyond the specified time (1 hour 30 minutes for cryptocurrency), it is processed at the rate that is current at the time the electronic money is credited from the User.

5.2. The operation is considered completed after the money is credited to the account provided by the User.

5.3. The user will not be able to cancel an already started transaction, return the funds sent for exchange.

5.4. If the User has credited an amount that differs from that specified in the order, then the CryptoStrike online resource system has the right to slow down the exchange process. After the User contacts technical support, relying on clause 3.2.5 of this Agreement, the online resource CryptoStrike will transfer the funds actually received at the rate that was valid at the time of the operation.

5.5. If the User has entered non-working, blocked account details, then the transaction is stopped, and the money is credited to the User"s account on the basis of a submitted application to technical support in accordance with clause 3.2.5. At the same time, they are charged a commission for the operation performed, as well as a fine of two percent (2%) of the exchange amount.

5.6. If the User has changed the notes to the transaction, made the payment of the invoice from a third-party account, then the transactions may be blocked. In such a situation, the return of virtual funds is made only after the User"s application in accordance with clause 3.2.5 minus the commission and one percent (1%) of the exchange amount.

5.7. When the User receives Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the time of confirmation of the operation (receipt of funds) depends on the online Bitcoin system itself. This can take from 15 minutes to several days, it all depends on the load on the Bitcoin network. The exchange Internet service is not responsible for the speed of transactions and receiving confirmation from the Bitcoin network.


6.Guarantees and Liability of the Parties

6.1. The online resource CryptoStrike is not fully responsible (material and moral) for the incorrect use of the service functions by the User, as well as mistakes that are made in the process of filling out any items of the usual application form for a transaction. Even if the money was transferred to the wrong account, the transaction will not be canceled or refunded.

6.2. The CryptoStrike online service is not responsible for damage, any losses if the reason for their occurrence was the inability to use the relevant equipment as a whole or its individual components by the User.

6.3. CryptoStrike online service is not responsible for the operation of banking companies or payment systems, as a result of which errors and delays in transactions occurred.

6.4. The CryptoStrike online service is not responsible for the costs incurred by the User, losses, lost profits, if they are caused by the User"s erroneous knowledge of tariffs, profitability of operations, and other personal situations.

6.5. The online service CryptoStrike is not responsible for any incurred costs of various types that occurred due to errors and delays in the execution of electronic transactions.

6.6. The user certifies that he is the rightful owner or has the legal right to use funds that will participate in exchange transactions.

6.7. The User agrees to compensate for losses to third-party entities that occurred indirectly or directly related to the use of the functionality of the online service by the User.

6.8. The User guarantees that, in any interaction with the CryptoStrike Online Service, he has already reached the age of majority, in accordance with the legislation of the country where the User is located.


7.Changing information

7.1. The management of the online resource CryptoStrike has the right to make additions or changes to this Agreement at any time. Moreover, they come into force after they are published on the web resource.


8 force majeure

8.1. The parties are relieved of responsibility for the impossibility of fulfillment, a hitch in the fulfillment of their obligations under the concluded Agreement, in the event of circumstances of unforeseen force. They relate to: natural disasters, legal acts coming from the authorities, ongoing wars, fires, explosions during a terrorist attack, mass riots, cyber attacks of the site, civil unrest. They also include the absence, failure in the functioning of energy supply, access to the Internet, communication services.


9.Mandatory conditions for carrying out exchange transactions

9.1. It is prohibited to use the resources of the CryptoStrike online service system for illegal or fraudulent transactions. The user agrees that for any attempts to exchange funds, the origin of which is in doubt, he will be liable in accordance with the laws of the state where the exchange transaction was made.

9.2. The CryptoStrike online service has the right to transfer data on illegal monetary transactions, if their illegality is properly justified by competent organizations, payment system manuals, from the victim, on the basis of the application submitted by him.

9.3. A prerequisite for the implementation of the operation is the deduction of money by the User from the personal electronic wallet. At the same time, the User is responsible for the legality of the sources of receipt of virtual funds, since the CryptoStrike online service is not obliged to control and verify their origin.

9.4. Online service CryptoStrike is not responsible for transactions that are performed by third parties with the permission or instruction of the User.

9.5. The user, after clicking the button "I agree with the exchange rules" confirms that he unconditionally accepts the conditions listed in this Agreement.


10.User identification

10.1. The online service can request (oblige the User) at any time from the User to go through the identification procedure, and the User is obliged to go through it.

10.2 When going through the personal identification procedure, the service has the right to request any documents and / or personal data confirming the identity of the user to the extent necessary, determined by the Online Service.

8.3 The online service may require the User"s photos with identity documents, bank cards and other necessary materials and in the required amount.

10.4 When conducting personal identification, the Service has the right to use the services of third-party services specializing in this procedure. This is a legal case in which the Online Service has the right to transfer the User"s data to a third party. The user understands this point and accepts this rule.

10.5 After going through the personal identification procedure, the User must independently control the relevance of this information. In case of any changes, the User must inform the technical support service in order to avoid possible difficulties and problems with the further use of the Online Service.

10.6 In cases where the Administration of the Online Service cannot contact the User using the contact information specified by the User on the website when registering or submitting an application, the Service has the right to suspend any exchange operations. At the same time, the Online Service does not bear any responsibility for possible losses that the User may incur, and the Online Service is not responsible for any negative consequences.

10.7 By going through the personal identification procedure, the User gives his consent to the Online Service to conduct any research and checks in relation to him.

10.8 All Internet wallet addresses of transactions carried out on the Online Service undergo automatic AML verification.

10.9 The online service has the right to require the User to carry out the identification procedure in the event that the Internet address of the client"s wallet specified in the application is related to the following definitions: -Darknet Marketplace; -Darknet Service; -Illegal Service; -Mixing Service; -Fraudulent Exchange; -Ransom; -Scam; -Stolen Coins. 10.10 In the event that the connections are identified, then only after the User passes the identification, the funds will be returned to the sender"s address. 10.11 Funds will be returned to the sender"s address minus the commission spent on the refund.