Celestia Launches Mamaki Trial Network to Create Modular Blockchain Network
26.05.2022 00:00

Celestias first position system launched Mamakis trial network. This brings it closer to becoming the worlds only composite blockchain. Networks of this kind enable clients to increase personal blockchains. Additionally, they maintain all safety standards. Celestia does not independently implement translation verification, so blockchains try not to fall into narrow spaces when working. This problematic issue is becoming more and more relevant especially for Ethereum.

The official introduction of cryptocurrencies may give a negative reaction to the macroeconomics of developing countries
20.05.2022 00:00

The increase in the spread of digital assets in developing countries can deal a severe blow to the macroeconomic area. Coins are often used in states that have an insufficient level of development of the financial sector. The downside for the country may be the impact on the stability of the economy.

Revolut plans to issue its own token
20.05.2022 00:00

Revolut will produce its own token to improve customer experience. Digital assets will be distributed among all users of the company. The work will be similar to a reward system, by analogy with aviation companies. The higher the activity, the more tokens.

Leading diamond miner builds blockchain platform
11.05.2022 00:00

De Beers is one of the key diamond mining companies on a global scale. She announced work to launch a new platform on the blockchain. This project is called Tracr. It provides assurance that provenance records do not give jewelry retailers the confidence that a diamond will be of the correct provenance.

Mining data center operator BitRiver may sue US Treasury over sanctions
11.05.2022 00:00

BitRiver is a company from Russia that is a data center for mining coins. She was sanctioned and is now exploring the possibility of filing a lawsuit, as sanctions have been placed on all members of the company. The company is confident that this will reduce their reputation and affect the business. The accusations, however, are unfounded.

In the next five years, Shanghai plans to introduce and promote Chinese electronic currency
02.11.2021 00:00

Shanghai recently made public its plans for the future to introduce pilot programs of Chinas virtual currency over the next five years. Such a policy statement is Shanghais Five-Year Plan of Support from All Sides of Urban Digital Transformation.

Chinese National Blockchain Standard Planned for Release Next Year
30.10.2021 00:00

A Chinese blockchain standard is planned to be released next year, and is currently in the drafting stage and is being submitted for approval, an official at a cultural event in western Chinas Sichuan province said this week, according to local press Chuangguang. owned by the national Sichuan Dailey.

Cyberspace Facebook to assist NFT
29.10.2021 00:00

Facebook made a statement on Thursday that the organizations Metavers will be supporting NFT tokens as a potential growth to the Ecereum protocol, where a virtual collecting format has been developed. “This will simplify the implementation of limited edition virtual objects, such as NFT, their reflection in their own virtual spaces. It will also make secure speculative trading easier for every next person,” said Vishal Shah, head of Facebook Metavers Products.

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex is testing a new analogy tool AML
28.10.2021 00:00

The Notabene Travel Rule regulation, introduced into industrial use in 2020, currently processes transactions among fifty virtual currency exchanges. Bitfinex plans to test a new anti-money laundering tool, AML, on its own site.