Frequently asked Questions

Memo, Destination Tag, Payment_id, note or comment to the payment – this is an additional option of the address in the details, required to be filled in. This label serves as the identifier of the client who transfers funds to the address of the service or any platform. This payment note is used in those networks where it is provided by the mechanics of the network itself, such as Ripple, Binance chain, Stellar, Toncoin and others. When transferring funds to personal wallets, the label is not required. But if you are asked to specify it, then it must be done.

In the event that, due to various technical failures on the User's side (loss of communication, power failure), the application is paid for in time exceeding the service regulations, the application will be automatically deleted. In this case, you need to contact the support service of the service.

If payment is received after the end of the allotted time for payment, the application can be recalculated at the current rate. You need to contact support and report the delay, clarify the status of the application.

The average processing time for an application on the CryptoStrike cryptocurrency exchange service is from 1 to 15 minutes. However, the time of receipt of the funds received to your account depends on many circumstances. For example, on the Bitcoin network, the transaction confirmation time varies from 5 minutes to 2 days. You can get more detailed information from the support service specialists.

If you are registered on the CryptoStrike cryptocurrency exchange service, you can track the history and status of your orders in your Personal Account, in the " My exchanges " tab .
If you are not registered on the service, then you can check the status of your application with the support service specialists in the service chat. The number of your application and the status of the operation will also be sent to the email address you specified in the application.

CryptoStrike cryptocurrency exchange service provides its registered Users with the opportunity to get a discount using "coupons".
A coupon is a unique set of numbers and symbols. It is possible to get it by conducting exchanges, participating in promotions of the service and / or in mailings to e-mails on the eve of the holidays.
All detailed information about the validity of the coupon and the percentage of its discount can be found in the letter on the e-mail.
Important! A new coupon is not provided when exchanging using an existing coupon.

CryptoStrike cryptocurrency exchange service monitors the quality of the services provided, and invites you to share your experience with other Users. There are two ways to get CryptoStrike bonuses:  

  • The first way is to leave an objective review on the specialized monitoring of the exchange services
  • The second way to receive bonuses on the balance in CryptoStrike is your feedback. To do this, it is necessary to evaluate the quality of service, the processing time of applications and the ease of use of the service by highlighting important points with asterisks.  

You can find out more details by reading about bonuses in the corresponding section .



Detailed information about the CryptoStrike CryptoStrike Cryptocurrency Exchange Service Partner Program and available referral charges can be found by visiting the corresponding section of the service.
It will be possible to get a referral link, see the number of connected referrals, the percentage of discounts and accrued funds in the User's Personal Account, on the " Affiliate Program " tab .


CryptoStrike cryptocurrency exchange service does not require registration to conduct digital asset exchange transactions. However, when creating exchange requests, the service recommends specifying an email address to which you have access. This will allow you to keep abreast of the status of the transaction and complete the transaction in case of delays and deletion of orders.

When sending "digital money" in the Bitcoin network, an application is created, where the direction and amount of the transfer are confirmed. Blockchain technology works on the basis of constant generation of blocks with data about Bitcoin itself and transactions ordered by network users. Each new block includes user requests for digital funds transfer. If we talk about the Bitcoin system, then the inclusion in the next six blocks is considered a complete confirmation of the transaction. Simply put, the transaction must be confirmed by six information blocks, only then the digital currency is transferred to the specified wallet.
The problem sometimes lies in the fact that the confirmation of the transaction by the system itself can take some time - from 5 minutes to two days.